Gift of the Week – Simple Truths

Simple TruthsSimple Truths carries a selection of inspirational books and art pieces that are very affordable as client gifts. I was first introduced to them through their free videos. Some of the books come with a DVD that has the video on it. The books are all short reads. You can consume each one in one sitting. They are filled with many beautiful pictures and few words that deliver a highly inspirational message.

You will probably recognize some of the Simple Truths authors: Zig Ziglar, John C. Maxwell, Brian Tracy and others. Some of the books are just collections of famous quotes, while others weave an inspirational story. Many of the prints take their quotes from one of the books in the collection. Some of them have a theme like risk, faith, gratitude or goals.

Who gives a book or picture as a gift?Simple Truths

Anyone who wants to inspire their clients could use these gifts. It is a great match for life, business, executive or career coaches. They also have books appropriate for graduation if you work with families on college and career planning. If you manage a sales team, you can find books about sales and customer service. If you have a client who is retiring, they have books that are perfect for that occasion as well. Some of the books and prints are specific to moms, teachers, or nurses, so if your clients fall into one of those categories, you could find a great gift for them here.

Make it more meaningful.

Because they have so many different themes, you can find a book related to a topic you have discussed with your clients. It may be something they are personally working on, or something you speak or teach about. When the message matches your brand, it will be highly meaningful. You can also take the time to hand write a note on the inside cover. That will make it more meaningful to the recipient because it will include your personal words and insights as to why you thought the book would inspire them.

Get Yours

At full price, these are $20 and under. You can often find them on sale for even lower. They also give discounts for buying multiple copies. If you find a great gift for your clients, buy a bunch and have them on hand. Check out Simple Truths here.

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