Gift of the Week – Silver Fortune Cookie

Silver Fortune CookieI fell in love with these silver fortune cookies a while back. They fit in the palm of your hand, but they feel heavy and solid. They are hinged and open to reveal whatever you wish to fill them with. You can include a small paper with a fortune or inspirational saying. It could be filled with small candies or a piece of jewelry.

Recipients of the gift could use it to hold jewelry, as a paperweight, or simply a decorative piece on a shelf. It is a unique piece that makes an impression on the recipient.

Who gives a silver fortune cookie as a gift?

I think these silver fortune cookies are best suited for someone you want to inspire. If you are a coach of some sort – business, life, leadership – or an author or thought leader this would make a great client gift. If your business has a connection to Chinese culture this would also be appropriate, like a Chinese language or dance school. You might simply be of Chinese heritage and wish to celebrate that part of who you are by sharing this gift.

Make it more meaningful.

To make this silver fortune cookie more meaningful, customize a message inside. You could write a favorite quote, a phrase you are known for, or your client’s goal to help them remember it and work towards it.

You could also customize the packaging and put it in a take-out style box, or include some real fortune cookies with the package.

Get Yours

If you search, “silver fortune cookie” you can find this a number of places online. Personalization Mall will personalize it for you with a take-out box, a personalized message and a theme of love, fortune, or longevity. If you wish to buy a larger quantity and personalize them yourself, buy them here.

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