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I See Me

I See MeI LOVE anything that you can personalize. These books caught my eye years ago. I have a childhood memory of a book that had my name in it. I loved that book. It felt special to me. But it was cheaply made and the text looked a little choppy where they “plugged in” my personal information. Technology has made it possible to do this in a much more professional looking product. I See Me is a company that specializes in personalized books. These books look as if 1,000s of copies were made of each one even though each is unique. They have many different book options for boys, girls, babies and bigger kids. I bought them for my nephews a few years ago. Besides books, they also carry puzzles, place mats, lunch boxes and more.

Who gives a children’s book as a gift?

Any type of business could give this as a new baby gift to a client. This could be a great gift for anyone who works with children or their parents. A parenting educator, a nanny placement service, birthday party planner or an extra-curricular activity company would make a big impact giving these books to children.

Make it more meaningful.

You don’t have to do a thing to make this gift meaningful, other than collect some information that you submit when you order the book. It may be as simple as the child’s name. Some of the books include hair color, home town, favorite color and other details as well. You can also give a gift certificate and let the family customize and order it themselves.

Get Yours

I See Me books and products can be found on a number of different re-seller sites, but their home site has the greatest selection.

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