Gift of the Week – HidrateSpark

Water Bottle Meets Technology

HidrateSpark water bottleIn my house, we have a TON of water bottles. They spill out of our cupboards. I don’t NEED anymore. BUT this water bottle has a twist to it that I have never seen before. Yes, it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe. (Thank you! I’m so tired of hand washing the special mouth pieces!) The HidrateSpark bottle keeps track of how much water you drink and connects to your phone. The HidrateSpark app recommends a customized water goal for you to reach each day and sends helpful reminders so you don’t fall off track. The bottle even GLOWS when you fall behind and need to drink more.

Seriously — A smart water bottle that tells you when you need to drink? That’s a big step towards your goal of drinking more water or being healthier this year.

Who gives a water bottle as a gift?

Personal trainers, fitness coaches, weight loss coaches, and health coaches can make a statement by giving this high-end techy water bottle. You can’t get HidrateSpark in stores yet, so most people don’t even know about it. This gift will help support your clients with the goals you are working on with them.

Make it more meaningful.

To take this gift to the next level, include a note that explains how to figure out how much water you should consume in a day and some tricks to make sure you do. Hidrate Spark comes in a variety of colors. You could personalize this by choosing your client’s favorite color or choose a color that matches your branding to remind them of your business.

Where to Get It

This product is still in the startup phase. Orders are taken and then filled at their next production date. If you are a business planning ahead for client gifting, or even someone who likes to get a jump start on their holiday gift buying, order it now.

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