Gift of the Week – Frego

Are you health conscious and concerned about the containers you put your food in? Do you care about the environment and don’t want to contribute to more plastics in the landfills? Then you are going to LOVE Frego.

frego open boxFrego was Invented by a Mom looking to pack healthy school lunches in a safe environment for her children. Frego is the ONLY solution where consumers can freeze, store, heat and transport foods without fear of burns, leaks, breaks and harmful toxins.


Frego – Safe Food Storage Solution

frego packagingFrego starts with a borosilicate glass which is safe from -40 °F up to 565 °F. Frego glass is lead free, break resistant and exceptionally durable. The glass container is then covered in an FDA grade silicone sleeve. It is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe up to 464 °F.

With the lid and sleeve on, if you drop it, the air-space cushion design makes frego virtually spill proof and incredibly break resistant. It is also designed to reduce heat transfer while heating foods. The double-seal SoftSnap™ lid prevents spills and leaks and protects food from spoiling by creating a virtually airtight seal with both the glass bowl and the silicone sleeve.

Who gives food storage containers as a gift?

Although a food storage container may sound more like a wedding gift than a client gift, it could be the perfect gift for your clients. If you are in a health and wellness industry – nutrition consultant, weight loss coach, personal trainer – this would be a great gift for your clients. It reinforces healthy living and portion control.

Make it more meaningful.

To take this gift to the next level, include a healthy recipe that would go well in this container. Frego comes in a variety of colors. You could personalize this by choosing your client’s favorite color and sending it to them. You might also choose a color that matches your branding so the gift will be a subtle reminder of your business.

Special Discount

Frego is giving a special discount for Touch Your Client’s Heart followers. Use the code: CLIENTSHEART at checkout to receive 25% off your order.

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