Gift of the Week – Bombas

Bombas solidsI first saw Bombas socks on Shark Tank. I was so impressed I gave some to my sister-in-law, who is a runner. Bombas socks have research and technology behind them. They have several special features that make them ideal for athletic performance and comfort.

  • Long staple Peruvian Pima Cotton (warm in the winter, cool in the summer, moisture wicking)
  • Performance Footbed (reinforced on the bottom without being bulky)
  • Stay up technology (no slouchy socks)
  • Blister tab (prevents rubbing on your ankles)
  • Y stitched heel (natural cup around your heel instead of a straight line)
  • Honeycomb support system (extra support in the arch)
  • Invisitoe (no uncomfortable, bulky toe seams)

I may have sold you on how awesome these socks are, but it gets better. The founders discovered that socks were the number one most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. So they decided to do something about it. The company’s give back program donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased.

Who gives socks as a gift?

full set of bombas socksI remember as a kid the two dreaded gifts were socks and underwear. No fun! Right now you’re probably thinking, “Who in their right mind would give socks to a client?” Hear me out for a minute. There may be nothing sexy about socks, but if you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor this could be a WOW gift. You’re helping your clients get their bodies moving and you just gave them the coolest fitness socks that they may have never heard of. I wouldn’t recommend going to Walmart and buying a bulk package of socks, but these socks can make a statement. Make sure you include a note as to what makes these socks special so they don’t wonder about the socks.


Make it more meaningful.

To really make this gift stand out, include the Bombas story so your clients know these aren’t just any socks. You could also include recommendations for your favorite exercises or stretches – especially those that involve feet. Bombas socks come in many different colors. You could personalize this gift by choosing your client’s favorite color and sending it to them. You might also choose a color that matches your branding so the gift will be a subtle reminder of your business.

Get Yours

I know you’re itching to get your feet into a pair of these socks. You can grab a pair here.

Bombas greatest socks

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