Getting Past Good Intentions

When it comes to gift-giving time, do you ever feel stuck? The good intentions you have to do something nice often get stuck when you have to decide what to give.  If you come up with a go-to gift, you won’t feel stuck with good intentions.  You will know what to give when you need to quickly thank somebody for something they did for you.

Good Intentions

Have a standard gift that you send out every time. Then when you want to show your gratitude, you don’t get stuck wondering what to send.  Often when people don’t know what to send as a gift, it goes on the back burner. Chances are nothing ever happens then. The gift doesn’t get sent out. They probably don’t even send a thank you note or email. Even though they intended to, they don’t do it because they are stuck trying to make a decision.

A Plan Helps You ACT on Good Intentions

If you have a plan in place, there’s no more wondering what to do.  You can quickly send something out, because you decided before the need came up.  Choose a standard gift that you send out every time you need it. To make a bigger impact, find some things that match your brand. Think about different gifts that you can send to your clients, to your prospects and to your partners. Then you have something different to reach out to all those different types of people in your business.

If you have a few choices, then you can give to the same person a gift, without giving them the identical gift again. Make a plan, then you can easily show gratitude and appreciation to the people who help you build your business. If you don’t have a plan, it might never happen. When it doesn’t happen, then the people who are making a difference might think that you don’t appreciate them.

Come up with a go-to gift, or make a plan with a variety of gifts that you can send to say thank you. The more you show appreciation to the people who help you in your business, the more they will continue to do so.  Your ROI will come through higher client retention rates and more referrals.  And you can stop feeling guilty for good intentions that you never acted on. If you’re curious how you are doing, schedule a Client Loyalty Audit.  We will identify what you’re doing well and where you have the most potential for improvement.

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