My Five Favorite Low Cost Thank You Gifts

Saying thank you is important and sometimes you want to go above and beyond without overspending. Here are a few low cost thank you gifts that will make an impression for under $10. Sometimes little things really do mean a lot.

  1. low cost thank you giftsThanks a million! You can enclose a million dollar bill with your thank you card and it only costs about fourteen cents each. I bought 100 on Amazon for $13.95. Who knew you could get 100 million dollars for less than $20? Of course it isn’t real currency, but it gets people’s attention. If you got a million dollar bill in the mail think about how many people you would show and where you might keep it – in your wallet? On your desk? Here are the million dollar bills I purchased.
  2. Kind Bar. The Kind Bar is a healthy granola bar. low cost thank you giftsSend a note that says, “Thanks for being so kind.” Enclose a Kind Bar and ship it all in a padded envelope. The bars run around $1.20 each when bought in a package of 12 or more. Shipping will be a little more, but the total cost will still be under $5. You can find them in the grocery store, or on Amazon.
  3. low cost thank you giftsCheryl’s Cookies. Cheryl’s Cookies offers a special cookie card. For $5.99 they will ship 1 frosted sugar cookie or chocolate chip cookie in a decorative box with a message. There is no additional postage. These are great low cost thank you gifts for someone with a sweet tooth. You can get them here.
  4. How about the gift of a movie night? Redbox gift cards and promotional codes are sold electronically starting at $5. If you want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the recipient’s inbox, email it to yourself, print it out, enclose a package of microwave popcorn and ship it all in a padded envelope. The total can be kept under $10.
  5. low cost thank you giftsBrownies in the mail. If you haven’t tried Send Out Cards brownies, you must! Send Out Cards works on a points and postage system. Points are $.39/point. A card and 2 brownies cost 13 points or$5.07. Shipping is $4.70. Again, for under $10 you can delight someone.

Sometimes a simple thank you note is enough. For the times when you want to do something extra, try one of these low cost thank you gifts. It will definitely catch the recipient’s attention and make a good impression.

Do you have other ideas? What have you given or received that made a good impression. Share in the comments below.

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