Have you ever lost touch?

Open up your accounting software and look at the client list. If you have been in business for a while, you probably have an extensive list. What might surprise you is the names on the list that you haven’t had contact with in a while. If you work on a project or contract basis, you need to move on to the next client after you wrap up with one client. The client who is currently paying you should have your attention. It makes sense. The problem you may have is how to keep in touch with former clients while still focusing your attention on current clients.

How to keep in touch.When you look at your list, you probably have some clients you loved working with. You probably have great memories of working together. Assuming your clients feel the same way about you, you’re missing out by not staying connected. It’s not just conversations and relationships, you’re also missing out on dollars.

Past clients are far more likely to hire you again than a new prospect. They already understand what you do and the results it will bring them. You have proven your ability to solve their problem. Most problems aren’t a one-and-done situation. They often recur or your client may have a related problem that you can also solve.

If you don’t know how to keep in touch, your past clients are forgetting about you. The problem is not that they don’t like your service. They simply don’t think of you when you aren’t working together. You have to give them a reason to remember you.

How to keep in touch

If you have an email list or a social media following, your past clients may be seeing you there and remembering you. The problem is not all email messages are opened and not all social media posts are seen. It’s a great way to reach a lot of people in a general way, though.

Have you ever picked up the phone and called a past client just to see how they are doing? If you call and show your interest in them and how they are doing, they will remember you. Don’t try to sell them anything, unless you have something new that you think would help them that they are not aware of. Sometimes sales will happen naturally because they are reminded of you by your friendly phone call.

Put them on a quarterly snail mail list. Send things in the mail that add value to their lives. Open rates for snail mail far exceed open rates for email. Snail mail feels more personal. Fewer people are doing it, so it causes you to stand out and be remembered. If you don’t know what to send in the mail, check out one of my snail mail content programs. I provide the content, all you have to do is personalize and send it.


Sales increase when you keep in touch. If you’re not sure how to keep in touch with your past clients, contact me and we can talk about the best way to reach out and be remembered.

What do you do to keep in touch with past clients? What has worked best for you? What has another business done to keep in touch with you that you appreciated? Share in the comments below.

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