Easy Referrals come from Strategic Referral Partners

easy referralsHave you ever walked into a networking group and thought you could help everyone in the room, but you didn’t know how to let them all know? You end up meeting only one or two and feeling like you missed potential sales. Or have you ever had the opportunity to complete the sentence, “A good referral for me is                                 .” You probably focused on your ideal client or the problem you solve. You may have received one or two leads and that was it. You can approach the same networking event in a different way and receive easy referrals long after the event is over.

What if, instead, you walked into a networking opportunity with your ideal referral partner in mind? You could narrow in on the people who work with your ideal clients already. Then making one connection in the room wouldn’t mean one client, it would mean easy referrals to new clients every month.

You may feel clueless as to who you should seek as referral partners. It’s perfectly normal. Sometimes you are just too close to your own business to recognize the opportunities. You may even feel that there is no ideal referral partner for your business because it is unique.

Some businesses are more unique than others and sometimes it is a challenge to nail down the best referral partner. With a little brainstorming, it is possible to find referral partners for anyone in any business.

Knowing your ideal referral partner starts with knowing your ideal clients. Once you have identified that, you can seek out people who have regular contact with your prospects. If they have access to the same people you want access to, there is a potential partnership. Finding the right referral partners will allow you to receive easy referrals over and over again instead of picking up one or two at each networking group you attend.

Do you have an ideal referral partner? Do you focus on ideal clients or ideal referral partners when you network? Are you stumped as to who would make an ideal referral partner for your business? When you connect with referral partners, do you receive easy referrals? Share in the comments below.

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