Don’t Get Stuck in The Waiting Place

The road to success is not a straight line. There are ups and downs. You know that. What do you do to sustain your business during the downs? Do you pull back or stay busy building relationships?

For a long time I would pull back when business was down and times were lean. I determined which expenses were necessary (phone, email service, website, etc.) and pushed other things to the optional list. One of the things that I decided I would do later, when cash flow was better, was snail mail. Just like so many business owners I have talked to, I bought into the idea that I didn’t have the money for it right now. And so I waited.

don't wait for relationship building

I got stuck there for a while. And what I found was that NOTHING HAPPENS when you are waiting. Things got worse until I finally took my own advice and started proactively building relationships by sending things in the mail again. And things started to shift.

For me, I know that when I keep building relationships and putting things in the mail, my business does better. Instead of waiting for a referral, I reach out to referral partners. Rather than wait for the prospect to get back to me, I check in with them. Opposite of losing touch with former clients, I connect with them. And I do most of it with mail. I choose one piece and send it to everyone. Not to hundreds, but to the select few. The ones that I know have the potential to make a difference.

I have learned my lesson. No more waiting place for me.

What are you waiting for?

I think one of the things people wait for is inspiration about what to do. One thing I’m really good at is coming up with inspired ideas. I’ve sat down with colleagues at get-to-know you meetings and given them truly golden ideas that take who they are and make it a showcase in their relationship building efforts.


What can we create for you? I would love to get on the phone with you and come up with some amazing ideas that you will LOVE. Sign up for a Relationship Marketing Recommendations call and I’ll give you the ideas you need to start moving forward with building relationships and quit hanging out in “The Waiting Place.”

Have you ever been in “The Waiting Place?” How do you keep moving forward when you are going through the down times? Share in the comments, I would LOVE to know.

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