Do Your Clients Feel Like They Are Just a Number?

Are you feeling too busy and too overworked to follow through on your good intentions? This is a problem that a lot of small business owners have. You go into business to do what you do for your business, and as you get clients, you focus on serving their needs. You also have to plan and execute the next big promotion, the next big project.  You’re busy doing what you do, taking care of income-producing activities.


At the same time that you’re doing that, most business owners feel a lot of gratitude to their clients. They’re grateful to work with them. They’re grateful for the income it provides, and they often think: I need to thank them. I need to send a card. I need to send a gift. I need to do something. But what happens is you’re still too busy doing what you do and you don’t find the time to show your clients how much you appreciate them.


If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you need to outsource it. You can’t do everything in your business yourself. As your business grows and as you get busier, you need to focus on the things that only you can do, and you need to let someone else help you follow through on good intentions. Those good intentions to send regular thank you notes or a holiday gift are just as important to your business growth as income-producing activities.  You may have an office assistant that you can hand those off to. You may need to outsource it to another business. But you need to find a way to follow through on your good intentions, even if you’re not the one doing the work of it.


The problem when you don’t follow through on good intentions, like appreciating your clients, is that they may not know that you appreciate them. They may feel taken for granted. They may feel that they are just a number. You may do a good job, and you may do the work that is asked of you, but if a client feels like they’re just a number, then they don’t have a reason to stay with you.


When clients don’t feel appreciated, then the only thing that separates you from another business that does just what you do is price. When another business comes along, and they have a better price or what seems like a better offer, clients are quick to go to that other business.


If, however, you keep your clients feeling appreciated, and they know that you treasure working with them, then they feel like they could never leave you. That’s what you want: client retention. You want clients that start with you and stay with you forever because that’s how you build your bottom line, keeping your clients happy so they come back over and over again. Client appreciation is the key to client retention. If you don’t have time to follow through on your good intentions, find someone who can help you do that.

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