Do your clients feel connected?

Often when clients sign up to work with you, whether one-on-one or in a group program, they are attracted to you. You are a big reason they say, “yes.” They look forward to being connected to you and what you can offer. The problem comes when you get busy and your clients lose that feeling of connection to you.


Susan Epstein

Susan Epstein

During the Client Loyalty Summit, I interviewed Susan Epstein about how to keep clients feeling connected. It’s working well for her. She has a 99% retention rate in her programs and over a 70% renewal rate as well.


One thing she does is to make sure she personally knows every client. She may meet them at a live event she hosts or at a small-scale program she offers, but if she doesn’t know them she picks up the phone. When her clients know her, it increases the connection they feel towards her and the business.


Susan also pays attention to who shows up and the results her clients are getting. If a client isn’t showing up, she finds out why. If a client isn’t getting results, she finds out why. Then she finds a way to fix the problem. It may mean adding more things to her program that she hadn’t planned on, but if it is what the clients need, she is willing to do that. Her motto is, “OVER promise AND OVER deliver.”


Staying Connected


The bottom line for Susan is – no matter how big her business grows, she is always accessible. That includes responding to emails, interacting on Facebook, and showing up in her group programs even if they are run by a member of her team. Her top three pieces of advice are:


  1. Know your clients. That may be easy when you work one on one with clients. It gets trickier when you grow and run group programs. Take the time to know who they are no matter how big you get.
  2. Listen to your clients. Even though you know what they need to get them from point A to point B, there may be other gaps that are preventing them from results. Find out where they are struggling and what their next hurdles are.
  3. Keep improving your programs and adding value. When you are listening, you will hear your clients asking for other things. Find a way to fill their needs – even the ones you didn’t anticipate.


Susan knows a lot about creating, filling and delivering group programs. She offers a free report, “5 Simple Steps to Fill Your First Mastermind in 2 Weeks or Less.” Grab it and start filling your group programs.


I’m curious. Do you have group programs, or do you work one-on-one? What works well for you to keep your clients feeling connected to you? Share in the comments.



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