Do Your Clients Ever Have Buyer’s Remorse?

Buyer's RemorseHave you ever had buyer’s remorse? You may have made a big purchase or a big commitment to a long term contract.   After you do it, you have that sinking feeling in your gut.  You think, “What have I gotten myself into?”


What if your clients have that feeling after signing on with you? After they’ve made that big purchase do they second-guess it? Do they think, “Maybe I shouldn’t have spent all that money?” Do your new clients want to back out of their commitment to you after you were sure you closed the sale?  There’s a great way to combat that.  A small welcome gift helps reassure them about their investment.


A Welcome Gift to Overcome Buyer’s Remorse

If someone signed a contract with you for six or twelve months, they are making a big commitment. When they’re just starting out, they don’t know what the results are going to be. They can’t guarantee that they’re going to see a return on investment. But, if soon after they sign on the dotted line and commit to you, you send them a little welcome gift that reflects your business, it lessens that buyer’s remorse feeling. It reassures them that they made a good choice.


Sending a welcome gift does a few things for your client. It:

  • Shows them you value their business, before you’ve even started working together.
  • Strengthens your business relationship right from the start.
  • Gives them tangible value before they begin to see the results from doing business with you.


Now instead of that sinking feeling of worry when they think of your business, it is replaced with a feeling of joy because you cared enough to go out of your way and send them something.  If they were considering trying to back out of their commitment before, they are less likely to do so now.


This doesn’t have to cost a lot to do the job.  The bigger the investment your client is making, the more generous you will want to be with your gift.  Remember to truly make it a gift, not a marketing piece.  Although you may look at the pen with your logo on it with pride, to a client it’s probably just another pen.  The best gift will be something that reflects the work you will do with your client, but yet still be a true gift that will make them feel special in some way.

From Regret to Anticipation

If you feel like you’re signing on a lot of clients and they’re quickly changing their mind, a great way to combat that is with a low-cost but fun client appreciation gift.  Turn your client’s fear of the commitment they just made into surprise and excitement.  If they receive a welcome gift that tells them you can’t wait to start working with them, they will anticipate even better things from the work you do together.


And of course, if you’re not sure what to do, set up an appointment for a Relationship Review by filling out the brief form here.  We’ll give you great ideas to get you started.

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