Do You Have an Army of Brand Ambassadors?

Think about the people who are brand ambassadors for your business. They’re probably people who don’t directly work for you, but they’re your biggest cheerleaders. When they’re out networking and meeting new people and they hear of someone who needs your service, they’re the ones who say, “you’ve got to talk to this person.” They share your name and refer you over and over again.

brand ambassadors

Those are the people that you want to take care of because they’re your unpaid sales force. They share the word about the great service that you offer over and over without being asked to do it.  In order for them to keep doing that, let them know you appreciate it.  Make sure they understand how much it means to you for them to do that.

You should always reward for referrals that you get, but sometimes these brand ambassadors don’t make a formal referral.  It’s important to take care of those people in other ways so that they continue to be a brand ambassador. Part of that is just developing a relationship with them. It may be that you get together in person from time to time. You may want to add them to a keep-in-touch campaign through the mail. Perhaps you pick up the phone and call them and just see how they’re doing, on a personal level. Show interest in them one way or another. As you strengthen those relationships, then they will continue to be great ambassadors for your business and your brand. They will tell people over and over how great you are, and because of that your business will grow.

Sometimes you don’t realize where your new clients are coming from.  If you know people who are your biggest cheerleaders and are telling others about you, don’t neglect them. They are probably helping your business grow without it costing you a dime. They’re just out there doing it for good will. Show that good will back in the form of interest and a deeper relationship in them and what’s important to them.

Make sure, if it is another business owner, you also reciprocate and send referrals to them. If you help them, they will continue to help you.  Think of your brand ambassadors. Don’t forget about them. Do nice things for them. Deepen your relationships with them and you’ll see your own business grow.

If you need help coming up with a keep in touch system to reach out to your brand ambassadors on a regular basis, contact us.  We can help you build relationships through regular, meaningful communication with your centers of influence.

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