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Deirdre and Company – Custom Jewelry

Custom logo necklaceForget big box jewelry for Valentine’s Day, get a special custom piece from Deirdre and Company. I was introduced to Deirdre and Company a year or so ago. Deirdre makes custom jewelry. She loves using your logo, your words, your images or your vision to create something that celebrates you.

I received one of her necklaces from my networking group. They had it designed to look like the logo of the group, without feeling like you are wearing an advertisement. I have had people outside the group comment on how pretty it is without realizing it is a representation of a logo. It gives a sense of belonging to the group. Each time I wear it, I think of the group and the director.

Recycled ‘Sea’ Glass Necklaces

Deirdre and CompanyA custom piece costs more, but she has some great options that are affordable for any budget. At just $20, the recycled ‘sea’ glass necklaces are a great way to spread words of encouragement or just plain spread the word.  You can customize each necklace by choosing glass color, cord color, and glass shape.  Hand-stamped aluminum charms, recycled “sea” glass, and 18″ velvet cord (adjustable to 20″).

They carry a number of stock words to choose from. For just $10 more they Deirdre and companywill put the word of your choice on a necklace (up to 9 letters).  If you order 10 of the same necklace with the same custom word your price drops back down to $20 per necklace.

Who gives jewelry as a gift?

Jewelry may seem a little personal for a business to give. I think this gift works well for image consultants or life coaches. If you are a life coach that knows your client well, you can choose a word that will reflect great meaning to your client. It may be their word of the year or a goal you are helping them work towards. Image consultants can choose colors that will look good for their clients and perhaps choose a word that reflects your business philosophy.

Make it more meaningful.

Choosing the colors and words are a great way to customize this. Relate them to your business or your client and the gift will be more meaningful. A hand written note to the recipient always makes a gift more meaningful as well.

Special Discount

Deirdre and Company is offering 20% off their order with a coupon code for the next 60 days. Coupon Code: TOUCHED.  It expires March 31,2016.

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