Warning:  Don’t send another gift

until you know the mistakes

you may be making.


Wednesday, 10:12 am CDT
From the Desk of Deb Brown

Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,

Does this sound like you?

  • Despite offering great service, you keep losing clients.
  • The clients who leave don’t have a solid reason for going – you haven’t done anything wrong.
  • Clients talk about you sporadically and don’t often refer their friends and colleagues who could also benefit from your service.
  • When you attempt to send out client appreciation gifts, you are never sure what to get.
  • Under stress and pressure, you end up throwing something together in December, but you realize it doesn’t stand out.
  • You feel like the money you spend on appreciation gifts doesn’t give you the ROI to justify the cost.

Having a full practice with a pipeline full of prospects is the ideal.  It can be so frustrating to go through all the work to woo a client and sign them on, just to have them leave a few months later.  When clients keep leaving for no apparent reason, it leaves you scratching your head. 

When asked, they probably say you did a great job.  They are satisfied with your work.  You didn’t do anything wrong.  So why are they leaving?  You know it takes more work and costs more money to gain a new client than to keep the ones you have, but sometimes you just want to throw up your arms and say, “What am I doing wrong?”

The truth is, you are probably doing everything right in your business.  You’ve just overlooked the one simple thing you can do that will keep your clients longer.

Appreciate them.

You’re probably saying, “But I DO appreciate them!”  “I say thank you.”  Most business owners are grateful for their clients and even thank them, but don’t have a formal way of expressing it.  If they do have a formal Client Appreciation Program, they are getting some key elements wrong and they don’t even know it.

I’m Deb Brown.  Making people feel special is a part of who I am.  It is a gift and talent I have been blessed with, but I didn’t always recognize this as a talent.  I started a personal assistant business and always nurtured and took care of my clients.  I also naturally went above and beyond.  Some of the things I did included bringing my clients their favorite flowers, and on their birthday delivering a custom birthday cake.  My clients would literally be speechless when they received their birthday cake.  As other business owners heard about the things I was doing, they began to ask me how they could do similar things in their own business.  They realized that the WOW I was giving my clients was what set me apart.


Because it is so easy for me to see the right way to put together a customer appreciation plan, I developed a system so others can do what I do.  This 9-step CUSTOMIZE™ system includes all the elements you need to consider when putting together a plan for your own business.  Here are the steps that I will walk you through.

Connect everything to your brand

Understand your client

Spending Plan

Take advantage of FREE methods

Options for gift giving

Manage your intake process

Introduce your own holiday

Zones of outreach

Establish a calendar


This is the same process I use to create a plan for my private clients and in this system I show you exactly how I do it so you can do it, too!


You’ll learn:

  • The elements that make a gift more meaningful.
  • My formula for how much you should spend on each client.
  • Budget-friendly ways to wow your clients.
  • How to get the right information and keep track of it for your clients.
  • How to develop your own, branded holiday and where to find it online.
  • The 3 key people who should receive something in the mail from you.
  • How to lay it all out so you or a staff member won’t forget anyone.


As you put your plan into place, you’ll:

  • Lower your client turnover rate.
  • Increase your word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Transform the way you approach client gifting.

The attention you give your clients will cause them to tell their friends about you and you will spend less money on marketing because of the steady stream of referrals that come into your business.  You’ll no longer waste your money on gifts that don’t mean anything to your clients.



The CUSTOMIZE™ system is going to have a huge impact on how you create and carry out client appreciation in your business.  It includes the following 9 modules, each with a short video explanation and transcription of the video.


MODULE #1: Connect everything to your brand

You’ll discover the essence of your brand and how to incorporate that into the gifts you give without just slapping your logo on something.


MODULE #2: Understand your client 

I show you how to quickly find out personal details about your clients, without seeming nosy.  You can then use this information to personalize their gifts to make it more meaningful.


MODULE #3: Spending Plan

How much should you spend?  Where do you draw the line, so you aren’t sacrificing profits?  I give you my personal spending formula that will work for any business.


MODULE #4: Take advantage of FREE methods

Before you spend any money, make sure you incorporate some of these key things into the way you do business.



MODULE #5: Options for gift giving

I give you my rules of thumb and warnings to give you the most bang for your buck.



MODULE #6: Manage your intake process

If you can’t keep track of all this information, you’ll never be able to carry it out.  I’ll show you easy ways to systemize all of this information.


MODULE #7: Introduce your own holiday

I’ll tell you the worst time to send client gifts.  I’ll give you my tips and resources to create a custom, branded holiday that will make your business stand out.


MODULE #8: Zones of outreach

There are 3 types of people in your business that you should remember with gifts.  I’ll tell you what they are and how you can appropriately recognize them.


MODULE #9:  Establish a calendar

The final step is to plot it all out on a calendar so you can remember it easily.  I’ll show you what to put on your calendar and where to include all the steps so things go out on time.



The value of all of this is immense.  If you double your client retention time for just one client, or get just one referral because of this, it will pay for itself.


Your investment is only $97.




To help make it run smoothly, I’m going to include a couple bonuses.


Bonus #1 – An intake form that includes everything you need to know about your clients to customize their gifts and really wow them.

Bonus #2 – A customizable spreadsheet where you (or your staff) can enter all your client information and keep it in one place.  Any staff member or virtual assistant can then easily execute your plan.

Bonus #3 – A calendar to plot out your plan.  This calendar will work for any year, so you can use it over and over.


My guarantee to you:

I firmly believe this will change the way people think about and approach customer appreciation.  I am sure that doing the things I have outlined in this program will also change the way your clients feel about you and your business.  That’s why I stand behind it with a 12-month money-back guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with this system, I will gladly refund your money.


Click here to order now.


You can continue to approach client appreciation the way you always have been.  You can throw together a card and a box of brownies at Christmas and hope it’s enough.  You can also continue to put time and effort into new client acquisition instead of keeping the ones you already know and love.  You can watch your clients leave and go to the competition, not because you did anything wrong, but because they think the grass will be greener over there.


Or you can take this information and implement it.  Your clients will be wowed.  They will be loyal advocates and will sing your praises to their friends and colleagues.  And your business will grow.


If you love the clients you have and are tired of the constant turnover in your business, what do you have to lose?


Click here to order now.


With love and gratitude,



P.S.  I know you love and appreciate your clients.  It’s time to put the systems in place to let them know it.  If they feel valued by you, it will increase how they feel about the value you give in your business.  It’s time to “pay it forward.”