Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty

Have you ever seen a sign or heard the phrase “customer satisfaction guaranteed?” That’s a great guarantee, but there’s a big difference between satisfaction and loyalty. Loyalty is what you really want in your business. Satisfaction means the transaction you had with the customer was okay.  They are not disappointed, but they’re also probably not elated.

If you build customer loyalty in your business instead, those customers who are fiercely loyal won’t go anywhere else. They won’t use any of your competitors – not even if they get a coupon. They’re not going to refer their friends to anyone else but you, and they will never stray. That means you’re going to have long-term repeat business and referrals from that loyal customer.

customer loyalty

How do you build customer loyalty in your business? It all comes down to the relationship. Customers who are loyal are loyal because they have a great relationship with the business. That means that they feel valued and cared for by your business. They feel like you understand them and that they are your priority. You need to make your clients feel special. You need to understand them. When things go wrong, you need to apologize and make it right to them. Those are the things that build customer loyalty.

Build a business full of repeat clients who will never go away because they are so pleased with the business they get from you. If you’re casual in your relationships with your clients, you won’t have their loyalty. If you don’t have loyalty, you won’t have customer retention. You’ll find that there’s a constant turnover, like a revolving door in your client list. People are coming, people are going, but people aren’t staying for a long time.

How to Earn Customer Loyalty

You want to build a client list full of people who are going to stay for a long time. Customer loyalty comes from a variety of actions that build relationships. You can earn loyalty through a great customer experience, fantastic customer service, and outstanding customer appreciation. What do you do to build loyalty? What companies are you loyal to? Share in the comments below.

Make them feel loved and appreciated, and build loyalty so that they’ll stay with you for a long time. If you want to learn more about building customer loyalty, join our upcoming online training, “How to Keep Your Clients From Ghosting You.” I’ll be joined by customer happiness expert, JoAnna Brandi. Sign up here.

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