Is your Customer Retention Program Reactive or Proactive?

Customer Retention ProgramYou have a process: get leads, follow up, do your craft. Then one day you realize you’re dropping some balls. You have an interested prospect – but their time frame is a year or more. How are you going to stay in front of them? A contract is coming to an end and you worry that they may not renew. When you are in this place, you have a reactive customer retention program. When something comes up, you react and decide what to do. Reacting means putting out fires. Reacting means not knowing what you’ll do next.

A proactive customer retention program is one where you think through everything ahead of time. You plan for long term follow up. There is a plan to nurture client relationships well before renewal time. You have a well-oiled machine. It becomes a simple rinse and repeat process.

Your Proactive Customer Retention Program

When you have a proactive system, you don’t have that nagging feeling that you are forgetting someone. You also close more sales, retain more clients, and receive more referrals. To create a customer retention program, you need to include a few things:

  • Who? Determine who will go on this list immediately as well as what criteria you will use to add people ongoing.
  • What? What way will you reach out to them? Phone calls, email, snail mail, in person meetings? What would they want to receive from you? How can you add value and build the relationship?
  • How often? Finding the balance between staying top of mind and being an annoying pest can be tricky. Part of it has to do with what you do, but another important piece is the frequency. A former client who already has a relationship with you doesn’t need to hear from you as often as a new prospect who is just getting to know you.
  • How will you implement and track? Do you use a CRM system that you can plug sequences into and be reminded of what to do when? Are there other ways to automate it using an assistant or an online system that takes care of things for you?

If you are tired of reacting and ready to put a plan in place to follow up and nurture relationships with prospects, clients, partners, and past clients, contact me. I love creating proactive customer retention programs that reflect your personality and your brand and set you apart.

Do you have any tips that have worked for you in follow up and relationship building? What would you include in a customer retention program? Share it in the comments.

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