Customer referral marketing – Are you Shareable?

One of the best sources of referrals is from clients. Your ideal customer probably is associated with more ideal customers. Birds of a feather flock together. Your clients already know people who would make great clients for you. Implement customer referral marketing to encourage them to refer others to you.

In order for customers to want to give referrals, they have to get the results they are looking for. Whether it is better health, increased sales or an adorable new pair of shoes, do your part to help them. When they are delighted with their results, they will naturally want to tell others.

People love to be the hero and provide help and resources to others. It is natural for them to want to connect their friends and colleagues with the help they are looking for. The problem is, their friends may not directly ask because they aren’t aware of the resources out there.

Although people love to share resources when asked by a friend or colleague, they don’t always feel comfortable sharing a referral when the business is asking them to. The reason for this is simple. They don’t want their friends to be sold to unless they have already expressed a desire in buying. It’s one thing to ask for a recommendation for a carpet cleaner. It’s another thing entirely for a friend to approach you with a recommendation for a carpet cleaner.

Customer Referral Marketing – Give Them a Reason to Share

customer referral marketingCustomer referral marketing should make it easier and more natural for customers to give referrals. When you do something so unexpected that your client can’t help but talk about it, it is natural for them to share. The unexpected thing might be a gift, an act of service, or just a way of doing things that is different from most of the people in your industry.

Provide them with something shareable. A coupon with a special discount, an informative article, brochure or tip sheet, will allow your client to provide value to their peers without feeling like they are being pushy.

You can also host an event and allow your clients to bring a friend. Make sure it isn’t just a sales pitch. Create an event that provides value that will entice people to want to attend. Then it is easier for your clients to invite friends.

Find proactive ways for customer referral marketing. If they have a reason to share you and your services, they will be more likely to do it. In the upcoming program, 25 Days to Your 25 List, I will help you identify which clients have the most potential to be referral partners for your business. To join, go here.

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