Creating a Client Experience

If you’re developing a group program of some sort, think about the experience that you’re going to give the members of the group before you ever start. Consider: what kind of client experience do you want them to have throughout the program? As they begin, how are they welcomed? Throughout the experience are there things that you want to do for them to help them feel appreciated by you and help them feel in touch with you as the leader of this program? Finally, how do you want to end it? What can you do to end the program so it gives your clients a big “wow.”

client experience

You can do this, not only with group programs but for any client that you work with. Take the time to think about it from their perspective. How you want them to feel working with you?  When you take that into consideration, you can create something amazing. Those amazing experiences are the things that wow your clients and cause them to want to work with you again and again and to tell their friends about you.

Beginning of the Client Experience

The first thing to consider is the onboarding process. How do you begin the program? Is there a welcome packet that your clients receive in the mail? Is there a personal note from you saying, “Thank you so much for signing up. I can’t wait to work with you.”  There may be some documents that you’ve pulled together to help your clients know what to expect when they’re working with you. You could also send a small welcome gift that represents the process and the program that they’re going to be doing with you.

As a program goes along, depending on how long it is, things can fall into a rut.  The enthusiasm of the group may start to wane after a while. You can plan for this and counteract it by including a variety of items to re-energize your clients at specific intervals in the program.  Small things, as simple as sending a card in the mail may be enough to reengage your clients. Sending a special little gift that might cost only five dollars will still surprise and delight your clients and bring a new energy to the work that you are doing.  Find a way to stay in touch with your clients and let them know you’re thinking about them, they are important to you and they are valued by you.

Endings are Just as Important

The most important thing is to end on a good note. People remember beginnings and they remember endings.  The middle often gets lost. Your clients will remember the ending if you end in a really great way. If you end well, they will want to come back and work with you again. Leaving a big impact with your clients can pay big dividends in your business.

Think about the experience that you want your clients to have before the experience ever begins. Put it all together so that it’s seamless and goes off without a hitch.  Your clients will feel special and love working with you. At Touch Your Client’s Heart, we love to create the client experience for businesses.  We can create those high-touch experiences that will make a big impact on your clients and in turn will affect your bottom line. Schedule a Client Loyalty Audit. We will help you identify where your client experience is lacking.

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