Connect Everything To Your Brand

Everything you do in your business should be aligned to your brand. That includes follow up, mailings, and even client appreciation gifts. However, aligning with your brand is different than being “branded.”

When you think of something being branded, you may think of a farmer branding a cow or a promotional product bearing a company logo. In either instance it identifies ownership or belonging to the brand. For a business, this can be a useful way to identify the business to prospects or create a sense of community or belonging among employees or faithful patrons.

Brand Marketing

When your logo is on a gift, it is considered a marketing piece and not a gift. This can be helpful for industries that have strict compliance policies about how much they can spend on gifts for a client. If you are going to add your logo, I have a couple suggestions:

  1. Make sure the item is still related to your business. If every business gives out a pen or a coffee mug with their logo on it, it no longer stands out to the receiver.
  2. When possible, personalize it to your client. Add their name, or something that means something to them.
  3. Make the logo subtle. If you are giving it as a gift, you want the gift to be the center of attention, not your business.

Giving a branded item is not the best way to build a relationship, keep in touch, or show appreciation to key contacts. Ultimately, a branded item is a marketing piece. A marketing piece is promotional in nature. It’s about your business. When you are building a relationship or showing appreciation, you want it to be about the recipient.

There are ways to connect to your brand without slapping your logo all over it. You can give a gift that is related to what you do and it will remind your clients of you. A gift or mailing may have your brand colors, words, or symbols without having your logo. This will make it feel aligned without being promotional.

Whatever you give to your clients needs to be meaningful. If you give something that doesn’t have anything to do with your brand or your business, it’s not going to mean as much to your clients. It won’t make as big of an impact.


For example, a business in the healing arts could give a generic gift card to a big box store or to Amazon. It’s nice. It’s thoughtful. But it just doesn’t mean as much as if they were to give something that aligns with their brand. Instead, all-natural skin products or homeopathic products would relate to what the business does. In fact, the business owner or practitioner may already have a favorite product they use that they could share with your clients as a thank you gift. When they use it and they think of the business, it’s much more meaningful because it relates to the business.

Make sure whatever you give out has meaning and connects to your brand. When you do that, it will be more memorable and make a bigger impact on the recipient. When you make a big impact on the recipient, it will make a big impact on your business in return. Connect everything to your brand.

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