If you are letting relationship building fall through the cracks in your business,
and you know it is costing you $$, try this.

The Client Retention Jumpstart gives you the checklists and templates you need to develop policies and procedures for your business relationships.

Implementing the tips and tools included will help you:

  • Increase your personal connection with your clients
  • Keep in touch after the transaction, project or program has ended
  • Develop customer service policies so everyone on your staff treats clients the same
  • Nurture prospects past the initial contact to increase sales conversions
  • Correct a problem and save the client relationship when things go wrong

What does it include?

The Client Retention Jumpstart covers the 5 steps to B.E.I.N.G. a WOW business.  You will receive:

  • WOW Your Clients Touch Points – This intake form can be customized for your clients. It shows you the details to collect when you bring a new client into your business so you can deliver ongoing WOW throughout your relationship.
    • ALSO included is a 30-minute audio interview, “Beginnings: How to WOW from the Start” outlining the ways you can WOW clients at the beginning of the relationship.
  • WOW Client Retention Checklist – This checklist gives you the steps you need to take at the end of a relationship to ensure former clients become repeat clients.
    • ALSO included is a 30-minute audio interview, “Endings: Keep the Relationship Burning” outlining ways to WOW at the end of a program or project so they’ll want to come back for more.
  • WOW Customer Service Manifesto – This document will walk you through 5 main areas for you to create your own customer service policies so that you can deliver the same experience to every client no matter who they come in contact with in your business.
    • ALSO included is a 30-minute audio interview, “Integrity: The Foundation of Trust” outlining the importance of integrity in your business. Having consistency in policies and doing what is right will boost client retention.
  • WOW Follow Up Form – This form will give you the steps to take to follow up with prospects and turn them into sales. It takes many touches before a prospect becomes a client and this form shows you how to do that in a way that makes prospects eager to hear from you.
    • ALSO included is a 30-minute audio interview titled “Nurture: Ongoing Outreach” outlining how to nurture the relationships in your business on an ongoing basis.
  • WOW, I’m Sorry! Checklist – Did you realize there are 5 steps to apologizing and making things right? If you skip any one of them, you risk your clients feeling you are insincere in your apology. This checklist shows you exactly what to do to repair relationships when there has been a mistake or misunderstanding.
    • ALSO included is a 30-minute audio interview, “Goof-Ups: How to Mend Relationships” about how to fix mistakes so clients stay with you instead of ending their relationship with you.



Amy ThillDeb Brown’s WOW templates and checklists make creating a system for client retention and customer service easy. She’s thought of everything! The Follow-Up Form has worked great for me to track leads to be sure I’m connecting consistently, over time. The Touch Points form is a great way to track special details about my clients so I can remember important dates and send acknowledgments.

Amy Thill
VAST Business Solutions


What difference will this make to your business?

  • Nurturing the relationships in your business can be the difference between retaining clients and losing clients.
  • Taking care of your clients leads to loyalty and referrals.
  • All these things INCREASE your INCOME.
  • Keeping one client longer, bringing back one former client, or converting one prospect will more than pay for the cost of this product. 
  • Implementing these systems in your business will allow you to do all of these things over and over again.



“As a growing organization, we realize how important it is to have systems in place to keep everythingTeresa Thomas running smoothly. The Client Retention Jumpstart provides several templates so that you don’t have to create everything from scratch. I found the Client Retention checklist to be especially helpful and plan to integrate the step into our CRM and we look forward to putting the other tools to use, too!”

Teresa Thomas
Director of Women In Networking




Sue Paananen“Oh my gosh! I never thought of things like this.  I can see how I can really step up the nurturing of my clients. I love how everything is pre-planned, and pre-thought out so it can easily be automated through your CRM system.   That way you don’t have to remember the details.  You can automate everything and close the gap on human error.”

Sue Paananen
Eek I Need a Geek