Client Appreciation Gifts That Connect to Your Brand

Client appreciation gifts are a great opportunity to reinforce your brand and strengthen your connection with clients. Showing your gratitude to clients through an appropriate gift elevates your business in their eyes.

Branding With Your Logo

When businesses think about client appreciation gifts, they often think of a tower of treats with their logo prominently displayed. Slapping your logo on a gift will remind them of your brand, but it also becomes all about you. When your logo is on the gift, it is considered a marketing piece and not a gift. This can be helpful for industries that have strict compliance policies about how much they can spend on gifts for a client. If you are going to add your logo, here are a couple suggestions:

  1. Make sure the item is still related to your business. If every business gives out a pen or a coffee mug with their logo on it, it no longer stands out to the receiver.
  2. When possible, personalize it to your client. Add their name, or something that means something to them.
  3. Make the logo subtle. If you are giving it as a gift, you want the gift to be the center of attention, not your business.

 Client Appreciation Gifts Without Your LogoBranded Client Appreciation Gifts

There are more subtle ways to connect to your brand without becoming a branded promotional piece. Think of words or images that you use frequently in your branding and incorporate those into your gift. It may be a quote or a symbol from nature, but when they see it, they will think of your brand. You can reflect your brand personality in your client appreciation gift. Is your brand irreverent or soothing or somewhere in between? Your brand may be known for a particular color that you can reflect in the gift. You can give a gift that is related to what you do, like lotion from a massage therapist or a mug from a coffee company. Now your client appreciation gifts will reflect your brand without being branded.


An example of this is a business owner who helps women business owners discover and tell their stories. She gave beautiful journals and pens out for holiday client appreciation gifts. Each journal said something about “her story.” Her logo was nowhere on the gift, but her brand was well represented. Each time these women took out their journals, who do you suppose they thought about?


Take the time to give meaningful gifts that relate to your brand. When you do that, it will be more memorable and make a bigger impact on the recipient. When you make a big impact on the recipient, it will make a big impact on your business in return. You will see an increase in client retention and referrals.


If you’re still not sure what appropriate client appreciation gifts for your brand could be, contact Touch Your Client’s Heart.  We can help direct you to a gift that will make your business stand out.

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