Cleaning Your House can Teach You About Follow up Activities

Follow up activities in your business is a lot like cleaning house.

I love a clean house, but I hate cleaning. It’s tedious. There’s always something more important to do. And when I let things go, they pile up quickly. Before you know it, dirty dishes and clutter are stacking up everywhere. When it gets like that, it is overwhelming and it takes a big chunk of time to conquer it all. However, if I make it a priority and put things away when I use them and do the dishes as soon as they are dirty it really doesn’t take much time and the house stays cleaner. It’s just not all that glamorous, fun and exciting to do those mundane tasks.


follow up activitiesFollow up activities in your business are a lot like cleaning house. It’s not a big deal if you do a little each day and each week. It isn’t glamorous to make phone calls, write emails or put things in snail mail. If you don’t follow up quite the opposite happens from not cleaning house. Instead of things piling up (other than business cards or lead slips), when you don’t follow up sales dry up.


Picking up and doing dishes are a daily investment in a clean house. Follow up activities are an investment in future sales and the stability of your business. It prevents you from running into dry spells where you don’t have the cash flow to cover the expenses. It keeps your business afloat.


Principles for cleaning house AND follow up activities.


  1. Break it down. Doing a little at a time keeps it from being overwhelming. It might mean one mailing a month, a weekly email or a daily phone call. Creating smaller, bite-sized tasks will help you accomplish your follow up activities.
  2. Schedule time. Saturday mornings may be the day to do household chores. When do you schedule your follow up activities? Put it on your calendar as a daily or weekly task and don’t let other things override that time.
  3. Reward yourself. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to follow up, make it into a game or contest. Challenge yourself to make a certain number of phone calls. Give yourself a reward when it’s done – whether that is food, getting out of the office, or spending a small amount of time on a hobby or fun activity.


Follow up activities are an investment in future business. If you don’t do them consistently, your business will suffer. Doing a little at a time will keep new business flowing and make it easier to stay on top of. If you are ready to improve your follow up, sign up for the training, “How to Follow up Without Being a Stalker.”


How do you organize your follow up activities? Do you have a certain time set aside each week? Do you have it broken down into manageable tasks? Share what has worked for you or what you struggle with in the comments below.

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