Celebrate to Reactivate Clients

Sending a simple birthday card may be a great way to reactivate clients in your business.

Do you have clients you haven’t heard from in a while? They may have been great clients who for one reason or another haven’t invested in your services recently. Sometimes clients have health concerns or family problems that derail them. Other times they complete a project or program and simply haven’t taken the next steps to work with you again. An easy way to increase your income is to reactivate clients. Because they have already experienced working with you and the benefits they receive, former clients are easier to sell to than a new prospect.

Give them a reason to come back to you – celebrate with them.

Reactivate ClientsI have been working with a practitioner who has accumulated a pretty long list over the years. She found that there were somewhere around 800 people on her list, but many of them she hadn’t seen in years. We devised a simple way to reactivate clients – a birthday card. Each month she sends out birthday cards with an invitation to get a free gift when they bring their card into her office. She has a low cost item that she keeps on hand to give out.

As the cards are sent out each month, a couple things are happening.

  • Some cards are being returned because the patients have moved out of state. Now she can update her records and take them off of her list.
  • Patients she hasn’t seen recently are making an appointment and receiving their birthday gift. Once they are in the office, she can schedule them for their next appointment and start seeing them again regularly.
  • She is able to add an extra benefit to her loyal clients by recognizing their birthday.

Want to reactivate clients with birthday cards? Here are a few tips:

  • No strings attached. The gift should truly be a gift, not a discount on services. You could give an upgrade from your basic service or a physical item that adds value to their life. Take a look at your business and you’ll probably find something you can do for them.
  • Automate as much as possible. This client uses Send Out Cards. They take care of the mailing for her, we just had to set it up in the system. If you want a more personal item, you can create custom cards and hand sign them. Just be sure to create a system to help you remember. Is there an assistant or VA who can track and send them for you? You can create a recurring task in your calendar and send birthday cards once a month.
  • Follow up. Still haven’t heard from them? Touch base with them by phone or email and make sure they received your card. Wish them a happy birthday and invite them to an opportunity to work with you.

I would love to hear from you. What have you tried to reactivate clients? How did it work? Do you send birthday cards? Share in the comments.

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