My Five Favorite Low Cost Thank You Gifts

Saying thank you is important and sometimes you want to go above and beyond without overspending. Here are a few low cost thank you gifts that will make an impression for under $10. Sometimes little things really do mean a lot. Thanks a million! You can enclose a million dollar bill with your thank you […]

Book Review: Unstoppable Referrals

I recently read the book Unstoppable Referrals: 10x Referrals Half the Effort by Steve Gordon. He agrees with the philosophy that referrals are built on trust and relationships and that takes time, but he has several suggestions that can help accelerate the process. One great point in Unstoppable Referrals is that it is important to […]

3 Ways to Stand Out with Client Holiday Gifts

Many businesses like to show their appreciation by sending client holiday gifts. This can be a great way to show your appreciation and stand out to your clients. But if you are sending another tin of popcorn in December, it may just blend in with the crowd. Here are some ways to make your business […]

How to turn one transaction into a loyal client.

Cha-ching! For a small business owner, every transaction brings a smile to your face. Each transaction means more cash flow and revenues, the ability to pay your bills and keep doing what you are doing. All the big and little transactions add up to the freedom to run your own business. While transactions are important […]

Finding the Right Amount of Client Appreciation

I have a teenage daughter who takes a shower every night. A LOOOONG shower. Every. Night. Once I became a Mom, I learned to be quick in the shower. You get in, lather, rinse, and get out. There isn’t time for leisurely standing under the stream of water. I was wondering just how long my […]

Does your Thank You Sound Canned?

Client appreciation is important. When clients feel appreciated, they stay longer and are more likely to refer you to their friends. This directly affects your bottom line. Sometimes, when you are forced to thank someone or do it out of obligation, it can come off canned or insincere. That’s the last thing you want to […]

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Make Sure Your Clients Can’t Live Without You

Creating customer loyalty involves finding ways to become irreplaceable to your clients. Think of a product or service that you can’t live without. There are some reasons that you can’t live without it. It solves your problem better than any other product or service out there. It’s the BEST! The business takes care of you […]

Do your Clients Work with you for Days, Months or Years?

Which do you prefer: days, months or years? In most situations you would probably say years. Years left of your life, years with your loved ones, years of adventures, years doing your favorite things. In less desirable situations you would probably choose days. Days spent in pain, days of disappointment, days of failure, days of […]

Client Appreciation Gifts That Connect to Your Brand

Client appreciation gifts are a great opportunity to reinforce your brand and strengthen your connection with clients. Showing your gratitude to clients through an appropriate gift elevates your business in their eyes. Branding With Your Logo When businesses think about client appreciation gifts, they often think of a tower of treats with their logo prominently […]