“I found myself wanting one for me!”

I am rebranding my coaching program and asked Deb to help me put together welcome packet ideas and ongoing gifts to share with my clients through out the program. Every single thing she recommended I found myself wanting one for me! So of course I can’t wait to incorporate them into my coaching program. I […]

“Forget those impersonal online gift shops. . .”

Deb Brown is the ultimate gift concierge. Forget those impersonal online gift shops for business contacts. Deb came up with a beautiful holiday gift idea so perfectly in sync with my brand and so easy for me to personalize that nearly every one of my clients responded with effusive thank yous! And all for such […]

“I have Deb Brown on speed dial!”

I have Deb Brown on speed dial! Anytime I need to impress a client or prospect, she’s the only one I call. She gives me expert advise and fully implements every aspect of my recognition and appreciation efforts. Plus she’s super affordable and an absolute delight to work with! Melissa DeLayTruPerception.com