Top 10 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Your Business.

Many businesses celebrate an annual holiday in December. Few celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can stand out by doing one of these things in your business this year.   Send Valentine’s cards to all your clients from last year saying, “I love doing business with you.” Send Valentine’s cards to your strategic partners saying, “I love […]

Creating a Follow Up Plan

Creating a follow up plan is like insulating your home. The upfront effort pays off later. If you have ever owned a home, you have probably spent money on glamorous things like insulation. According to, the average homeowner spends $1359 to insulate their home. You could also use that money to fly to Florida […]

Invest in Follow Up

Follow up is an upfront cost of time in your business. There is always something you would rather do with that time. But being disciplined to set aside the time to follow up pays dividends in your business. The time you invest in follow up turns into new clients, which increases your revenues. Think of […]

Cleaning Your House can Teach You About Follow up Activities

Follow up activities in your business is a lot like cleaning house. I love a clean house, but I hate cleaning. It’s tedious. There’s always something more important to do. And when I let things go, they pile up quickly. Before you know it, dirty dishes and clutter are stacking up everywhere. When it gets […]

How Many Follow Up Emails Does it Take?

How many follow up emails does it take to convert a prospect to a sale? Of course, it depends. Last fall I had a big gift box project. Here is the story of how long I followed up to get that sale. On February 23, 2016 I received an email introduction to a guy who […]

The Follow up Dilemma – Persistent or Annoying?

Follow up. You know you need to. Remember that prospect that, “wasn’t quite ready yet”? You told them, “No problem. Get back to me when you’re ready.” But now it has been a long time. Long enough for them to make the decision, get the financing, or whatever was holding them back. And you haven’t […]

4 Follow Up Tips

Statistics tell us that follow up makes a difference. Increasing the number of times you follow up with a prospect directly effects sales. Here are some statistics, along with follow up tips on how to be effective. (To view bigger, click on the image.)   Want 50 Friendly Follow Up Ideas? Go Here. How do […]