Business Holiday Cards that Make you Stand Out.

Business Holiday CardsThe end of the year is prime time to send out business holiday cards. When you send holiday cards for business, it is an investment that comes out of a business budget. As such, you need to make educated decisions before you send out cards.

Here are some ways to stand out with your business holiday cards:

  • Purpose. Why are you sending the cards? Whether it is to show appreciation, send holiday wishes, to be remembered, or to market your business, knowing the purpose will help you choose the appropriate card. Stand out by choosing an unexpected holiday to celebrate. Instead of Thanksgiving, celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13 or Philanthropy Day on November 15.
  • Audience. Who will receive the cards? Consider sending cards to clients, prospects, centers of influence and even former clients. Know the demographic to know what type of card will be appropriate. If your recipients are Jewish, sending Christmas cards isn’t the best option. Likewise, Hanukkah cards won’t be appreciated by the Christians on your list. Stand out by targeting your audience with a saying or graphic that they will understand.
  • Timing. The timing of your cards is important. When you send holiday greetings, you’ll want to send it near the holiday. Keep in mind that December is overflowing with cards and gifts from friends, family and businesses. If you want your greeting to stand out, send it before or after the rush. Stand out by sending cards when no one else is.
  • Message. The message can be tricky. You want to make a statement without offending anyone. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza all have their place depending on the purpose, audience and timing. We appreciate your business is great if all of your cards are going to customers. If you  also send to prospects and centers of influence, write something like, “We appreciate being connected to you through our business.” Stand out by customizing your message to your audience. Send a message that your audience can relate to. The message to an audience of ages 65 and up will be very different than a message aimed at engineers.


My advice:

Celebrate a holiday that doesn’t land in December. You won’t have to worry about offending anyone and it won’t get lost in a sea of well wishes. Thanksgiving is a great time to send cards, if all your contacts are in the United States. Many businesses also like to wish their contacts a Happy New Year.

Send your holiday business cards without any marketing. Do it simply to spread good will and be thoughtful. Doing so is the best marketing you can do for your company. It will cause your contacts to remember you and appreciate you for your kindness.

If you need help getting your business holiday cards out, contact me. I can help source, purchase, and send them for you. I can also help you determine the best way to make your cards stand out. You will benefit from knowing your clients are hearing from you without adding an extra task to your to-do list.

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