Building a relationship with strategic business partners

Strategic business partners can open doors for you, help you build your business, and give you referrals. Once you have identified who they are in your business, it is important to stay in touch with them. Keeping in touch in a friendly way reminds them of you. Doing it consistently ensures that you are top of mind. When your strategic business partners remember you, they are more likely to connect you with resources and opportunities.

Strategic Business PartnersThink of partnerships as friendships – the best business partners usually become friends. Your friends are our confidants and supporters in your personal life. Your business friends should be that in your business life. They are the people you can turn to for advice about a difficult situation as well as cheer on your accomplishments in your business.

If you want that kind of relationship, you have to treat it that way. Strategic business partners want to be treated as equals.

  • Don’t make it a one-sided relationship where you ask, but never give in return.
  • Do look for opportunities to help them in their business.
  • Don’t try to “sell” them on what you do.
  • Do share accomplishments and new things you are doing.
  • Don’t be cold and formal.
  • Do show an interest in their personal lives.
  • Don’t be all business.
  • Do find opportunities to have fun with them.

The Result

As you build relationships with strategic business partners, you will find that you look forward to seeing and hearing from them and they will feel the same about you. They will sincerely desire to help you, promote you and refer you – not because you pushed them into it, but because they care about you.

These relationships will help you move your business forward in ways you couldn’t do alone. They will also make your life richer and fuller by having a group of people you love to associate with. Not to mention, it’s a great feeling knowing your strategic business partners have “got your back.”

Tell me

Do you have relationships in your business that make your life more meaningful? How do your business partners demonstrate that they have your back? What do you do to nurture relationships with your strategic business partners? Share in the comments below.

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