Why Building Loyalty Matters

There are many things to consider when growing a business. Especially if you are a 1 person show, you have to cover marketing, sales, operations and delivering your goods or services. Building loyalty may seem like one of those things you’ll get around to once everything else is running smoothly. The problem is, if you aren’t building loyalty, you are actually losing money.

Building LoyaltyHere are 3 reasons building loyalty will bring you more money:

  1. Price Sensitivity. Without loyalty, people are more price sensitive. They will shop around for the best deal. When you have loyal customers, they are willing to pay more to do business with you.
  2. Repeat Business. Loyal customers come back again and refuse to do business with anyone else. Even if it is more convenient. Even if it is more affordable. Every time a customer comes back to do business with you is more money in your bank account.
  3. Referrals. Clients who are loyal INSIST their friends do business with you. And because of the strong testimonial, those referred clients will make the decision faster and be willing to spend more initially with you.

If you are getting customers through traditional marketing routes and you serve them once, you may be able to build a sustainable business. If you take those customers and start building loyalty, they will do business with you again, spend more money, and refer their friends. Now you have a business that is thriving!

Think of the fiercely loyal customers that you have in your business. Why are they loyal to you? Is there something you did to build their loyalty? Was it the experience they had with you? Was it the relationship or rapport you had? Are there things you did to go above and beyond? Once you identify those things, you can create a repeatable system and start building loyalty with all of your clients.

Let us know what you think.

What have you found effective in building loyalty? Why are you loyal to certain businesses and not others? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Deb, your blog on Why Building Loyalty Matters is spot on. Consumers have so many choices today and where and how they can spend their money. I have a business that allows women to shop at home for their bras, panties and shapewear. I offer products every woman needs with the attention every woman deserves. When customers ask what’s so special about my products I tell them me.

    • Amy,
      I think that is true for any business, but many don’t realize it. I just had a bad experience with a national brand because of the clerk at the store. He was their brand to me today, but he didn’t realize it and it reflects back on the company.

      Thanks for sharing!

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