Build Loyalty By Being YOU

Build LoyaltyAs I have been interviewing experts about their take on client loyalty, one thing is clear. When you are an independent professional or solo-entrepreneur in a service industry, clients are buying YOU. They are drawn to your personality, to WHO you are.  The best way to build loyalty is to lead with who you are. Share your interests, your background, your stories, and your voice. The right people will be drawn to that. You may be wondering HOW to use those things to build loyalty.

Your Interests

If you have a hobby or passion outside of your business, tell people about it. It makes you relatable. Somewhere out there is someone who shares your interests and they will be more loyal to you because you have that thing in common.

Your Background

We are naturally drawn to people who are like us. Things that often divide people – like race, gender, faith, etc. – can actually be used to draw similar people together. Don’t hide from who you are and what you stand for. Some people may not like it, but others will be your most loyal supporters because they want to support people like them.

Your Stories

There are lots of stories to tell in your business, just be sure they are true. You have a story of why you do what you do. Share how you got to the place you are at today. Don’t forget to share the stories of struggle and what’s going on with you personally. People love to root for the underdog and it is easier to relate to others when they don’t look perfect from the outside.

Your Voice

Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Your natural voice should show through whether you are writing a blog post or presenting a webinar. Just being you will draw people to you.

All these things increase client intimacy. It makes them feel like they know you – sometimes before they even meet you. Anytime you can help people feel like they know you, you are one step closer to them liking and trusting you.

Let’s be real. People can spot a fake a mile away. And I know I am turned off when someone is trying to be someone they are not. If you are providing a service, your clients will keep working with you because of YOU. And as you grow and build a team, don’t forget to stay in contact with your clients. The less access you give them the less connected they feel to you. And if they don’t feel connected, they won’t be loyal.

How open are you in your business? Do you share personal things or keep business and personal completely separate? Has sharing more of YOU helped you build loyalty? Share in the comments.

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