Book Review: Life as a Daymaker

I heard about the book, Life as a Daymaker: How to change the world simply by making someone’s day!, several years ago and was curious. David Wagner is the owner of Juut Salonspas where their mission is to serve and replenish. He defines a daymaker as, “A person who performs acts of kindness with the intention of making the world a better place!” As he grew in his career, David made it a point to make someone’s day every single day. The results were great. He says, “My clientele, business and personal life improved dramatically after I became a Daymaker in everything I did.”

“If you serve others for your livelihood, which many of us do, try serving wholeheartedly or with a “servant’s heart.” This does not mean with servitude, but with a true care and compassion for the well-being of those you serve. Give 100 percent of yourself to make their day. It will elevate your work in doing so; I guarantee it, as long as it is thoughtful and genuine.” David Wagner

Life as a DaymakerAs I read Life as a Daymaker, it resonated with me in my philosophy in business. It’s all about great customer service, going above and beyond, and letting your clients know you care about them. These are the things that build loyalty. When you go out of your way to do something kind for someone else, it makes them feel good, and it also makes you feel good.

He also points out that you must fill your own cup first. You can’t constantly give to others unless you take care of yourself first. In the book he spends chapters on being a daymaker to your spouse, your children, your extended family, your friends, and even strangers. While you certainly should do kind acts to those closest to you, I wish he would have stuck to being a daymaker in business. I felt like he was trying to give marriage and parenting advice.

The last couple chapters talk about creating a company filled with daymakers. If you have staff, it is important to take care of them first so that they can go on to take care of the clients.

Life as a Daymaker was a quick read. It can be boiled down to this: Be intentional about making someone’s day each and every day, in all areas of your life. Doing so will make you happy as well as those around you.

I know this philosophy will build loyalty in your business. What have you done to be a daymaker in your business? Have you ever had a business make your day? How did it affect your loyalty? Share in the comments.

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