Being Memorable: Clients Hire the Business that is Top of Mind

Think about the last time you had to hire a service provider. When you thought about who to hire, it was probably the one that was top of mind. Maybe you remembered that business because they had great customer service. Maybe it was the way they interacted with you. Perhaps you remembered that they provide exactly what you need. Maybe it was the actual experience of the service you got from them, but you remembered them for some reason.

If you want your business to be the one that is remembered, I have a strategy for you. One of the things you can do to be memorable is to send things in the mail, whether it is just a little something to a prospect that hasn’t hired you yet or an appreciation gift to a client you’ve done business with in the past. That creates a memory for your clients. When you create a memory, it lodges in their brain and the next time they need to hire someone who does what you do, your business is top of mind.

top of mind

When you do a better job at client gift-giving, your business becomes more memorable. If you’re doing the standard send a gift card or send a coffee mug with your logo on it, it won’t stand out. Your client may have a shelf full of coffee mugs with logos on them. Yours is no better than any of the others.

If you really want to be memorable, you need to customize your gifts to your clients. You can do this by choosing a gift that relates to your business and what you do. That doesn’t mean just slapping a logo on it, but making it meaningful. Choose a gift that makes sense. You can send a coffee mug if you own a coffee shop or you have some sort of special custom coffee that you make. That would make a lot of sense. But otherwise it probably doesn’t relate to what you do.

Your clients all have something in common. They are spending their dollars on your business. That means that whatever you offer is important to them. If you give a gift that relates to what you do, it will be meaningful to them. When they receive it, it delivers a wow factor which becomes a memory that lasts in their brain. Because of that, you will be top of mind the next time they need to hire someone again.

Make yourself memorable to your clients and prospects by doing outstanding customer gifting. If you are stumped when trying to think of a gift that relates to what you do, contact us. We can do the research for you and find the perfect, memorable gifts for your clients.

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