Be Strategic for More Organic Referrals

organic referralsOrganic referrals are those that happen naturally. Someone has a need and someone else recommends a service provider. It happens all the time. You need a babysitter? You ask another family with young children who they recommend. If you want your carpets cleaned, you ask friends who they have had clean their carpets.

Sometimes referrals feel forced because the business asks clients or colleagues to refer them without knowing if there is a need. That method of asking people to refer you doesn’t work as well because no one wants to “bother” their friends, neighbors or colleagues. It’s the opposite of organic referrals.

Increase Organic Referrals

One way to increase organic referrals is to be strategic in your business. You can do this in a few ways:

  • Provide a “wow” experience that your clients want to tell others about. When you do something that exceeds expectations, surprises or delights your clients, they will be inclined to share the experience in conversation with others and on social media. It feels natural and organic for them – not forced.
  • Create situations for clients to invite others to that will allow them to introduce you in a non-threatening situation. If you provide enough value through events that clients can bring a friend to, they will be pleased to share it with others, providing an opportunity for organic referrals.
  • Create strategic partnerships with professionals whose clients are your ideal prospects. When your centers of influence are able to recommend you to their clients as a logical next step, they will regularly send you organic referrals.


In 25 Days to Your 25 List, you will identify 25 strategic partners who can send you organic referrals. They won’t feel forced. They will be a natural part of the process for your centers of influence. If you want more organic referrals, join us.

Have you received organic referrals before? What was the catalyst for the referral? How do you encourage organic referrals in your business? Share in the comments below.

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