Are You the Motel 6 of Your Industry?

When was the last time you stayed overnight at a motel or hotel?  When you knew you needed a place to stay, you had many options to choose from.  Each option would give you a slightly different experience. On one end you have the Motel 6 which is low-cost and they promise they’ll leave the light on for you. It is basic.  It gets the job done.  When all you care about is the cost, you will look for this type of option to save money. 


On the other side of the spectrum you have higher-end hotels.  These hotels have a variety of amenities from free breakfast, a fitness room, to a cookie on your pillow. They might go to the extent of making sure you have your favorite coffee in the coffeemaker in the morning. They may recognize you and call you by name. They may remember your preferences from the last time you stayed there. The more you are willing to spend, the more personal they make the experience for you.  They put a lot of effort into making you feel special, but you also pay more than you would at a Motel 6.


Now think of the experience you give your clients. Are you giving them a Motel 6 experience, where you offer the lowest price you can give them for basic work? Or are you giving them a richer, fuller high-end hotel experience? One that remembers their name, one that cares about their preferences, one that takes the time to do those little extra things like their favorite coffee and leaving them a cookie on their pillow at night. All those little extras make your service more valuable.


If you’re looking for a way to make more money in your business or an excuse to raise your rates so that you’re not the Motel 6 of your industry, put high-touch experiences into play in your business. Do things that give a personal touch. Make your clients feel special and appreciated. Surprise and wow them. A little bit of customer care goes a long way in bringing more loyalty and retention.


When you come back to a hotel room at night after a long day of traveling or sightseeing and there’s a cookie waiting for you, it probably makes you feel good. It makes you feel like you’re at home, not at some sterile or not-so-sterile hotel room where a hundred of people have slept in the bed before. It makes it feel warm and cozy. Make your clients feel that way too. Make them feel special. When you’re delivering high-end service, you can charge higher prices.


If you need help coming up with a way to deliver high-end service in your business, please contact us at Touch Your Client’s Heart. We can help you come up with gifts and high-end touches to make your business more exclusive. We also have no-cost ideas for how you can put a more personal touch on your business. We’re really good at making people feel special and putting a personal touch on everything we do.

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