Are You a Scrooge?

I think everyone’s familiar with the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. If you haven’t read it before, you’ve probably seen a play or a movie or some adaptation of the story. Scrooge cares so much about business and the bottom line, that he doesn’t take time to notice the people around him and give back to the people who are in need. He learns an important lesson in the story. He learns to be more generous and kind.

Think for a moment; are you a Scrooge in your business? You may feel like you’re very generous to employees and to business partners, but don’t forget about your clients. Clients pay you every month or every project or every week. They pay you to provide a service. But lots of people can provide a service.  The ones that stand out do more.  They take time to give back to their clients through service and appreciation in a generous way.

Some people start to worry about the cost when you talk about client gifting. That’s another expense that’s going to eat away from the bottom line and take away from any income that you’re getting from your business. That’s a Scrooge-like attitude. While it is important to watch your budget, when you show appreciation it will come back to you.  When you send client appreciation gifts or thank you notes or cards, you are developing a relationship and that is an important investment in your business.  

When you invest in your clients, they feel appreciated by you. Clients who feel valued are more likely to stay with you, and tell their friends about your services.  That equates to increased referrals, increased client retention, and increased income.

Don’t be a Scrooge in your business. Instead of trying to squeeze out all the extras, think about what your clients give to you and how they add to your business. Give back to them in an appropriate way. When you’re generous to your clients, they’ll be generous right back to you. You will find that it doesn’t cost you a dime because you make more money and you have richer relationships with your clients. If you’re looking for ways to give back to your clients and really wow them and not be looked at as a Scrooge in your business, contact us. We’d love to help you.


  1. Deb, this is a great post and I’m inspired now to work a few client appreciation specials and events into our marketing budget. It is really important to let our clients know that they’re making a positive difference in our businesses just because they’re your clients. Without them, we’d just be hobbyists instead of business owners. Again, great post Deb! Definitely food for thought.

    • Thanks, Sherries! I’m glad you are inspired to try something new. I love that you recognize that without your clients, you would only have a hobby. I would love to hear how your clients respond to the new client appreciation in your business!

  2. Excellent post Deb! I recently mailed out 10 client gifts and about 20 handwritten cards. It feels good to give –and I know each person that receives something appreciates it–because I get a thank you email. And THAT feels good!

    • Shannon – I’m so glad you took the time to recognize your clients! It does feel good and whatever you give comes right back to you.

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