Adding Value Through Service

One way to deliver great customer service is to add acts of service into your business interactions with your clients. The book, “The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” by Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White shares different ways to express appreciation in a business setting. One of those ways is by performing acts of service.

Acts of service within your business relationship can mean doing a little something extra that wasn’t expected by your client.  You might help them without actually being asked to help – just seeing a need and being willing to fill it. These things build relationships with your clients and make them fall in love with your business. When you do this, they stick with you longer.


Sometimes, because of your expertise, you may spot needs that your client has that you can easily take care of.  They may be very simple to you because it is what you are good at. Taking care of them for your clients will fill a void that may have been overwhelming to them.  When you do that, they will use you again in the future and happily tell their friends about you.

Some years ago, I hired a garage door company to fix my garage door.  When it acted up again a short time later, I called them again.  They happily came and didn’t charge me.  I fully expected to pay them because it was a different issue than the one they originally came to fix.  They didn’t charge me because there was a small possibility that it was related to the original service call.  I was overjoyed by this act of service.  They fixed what I had no idea how to take care of and they did it for no charge.

Easy for You, Challenging for Them

It’s easy for you to do this every day just because of the knowledge that you have in your profession of what you do. You know things that your clients don’t, so watch for opportunities when you interact with a client to go above and beyond. Do things for them that are easy for you even though it’s a real struggle for your clients.

Doing this in your business will catch your clients off guard.  It is unexpected and therefore gets their attention.  When you can weave those acts of service into your business, you’re going to get greater client retention and word-of-mouth referrals.

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  1. Absolutely! Very well stated. Keep the focus on the celint. Show them that you care about them. They are not there to learn about your challenges, you are there to fix theirs; they’re not there to hear about your bills, you are there to help them pay theirs; They are not the answer to your problems, you are the answer to theirs; and finally- they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them. THANKS!!!Martez

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