A Sample Thank You Letter

One thing that stops people from writing thank you notes is deciding what to say. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to write the thank you note because you don’t know what to say.  Although your intentions are good, when you open the card to write, you’re drawing a blank. Today I’m going to share an example of a sample thank you letter to help you know the format so that you can quickly and easily write a note that will make a big impact in your business.

The first part of a thank you note is the opening. You may include the date. You can begin with, “Dear” or just address them with their name. Be sure it feels personal.  Address the person in the way you would address them if you were meeting face to face. Then you need at least three sentences.

Sentence number one should thank them. A simple statement acknowledging whatever it is that you’re thanking them for. You could be thanking for a gift, a favor, or for their business.  You can begin this sentence with “Thank you for. . .” or, “I appreciate. . .”

The second sentence should be a specific or personal statement. Express a feature you like about the gift or how you intend to use it.  If you are thanking a client for their business, compliment them or tell them something you enjoy about them or the work you do for them. It may be their personality or passion for what they do.  It may be the creative challenge you get from solving their problems.

The third thing to include is a summary statement. You can say, “Thanks again for. . .” or, “I’m grateful for. . .” You can restate a reason you appreciate them.  You can thank them for their thoughtfulness. 

End the note with Sincerely, with love, in appreciation, however you normally sign your notes. If you have a branded way that they sign off on everything, use that.  Then sign your name. It doesn’t have to be that short. If you have more to say and you can think of more compliments to give, say a little more.

Don’t let deciding what to say stop you from writing a thank you note.  Thank you notes in the mail can give you a huge business advantage.  It sets you apart because so few people take the time to do it. For 5 minutes and the cost of a stamp, it’s a great business investment.


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