A Little-Known Principle Your Business Can Benefit From

Tithing is a religious principle that can be found in ancient scriptures. Usually when you hear the principle of tithing, it is a religious institution that wants a donation. This principle asks us to give back to the source of our prosperity as an expression of gratitude.

This principle can be applied to your business as well.  When you take the time to think about the prosperity in your business, where is it flowing from?  There may be a number of sources in your business.  The first place to look is your clients.  You can probably immediately identify your top clients who provide the most income and the greatest joy in your work.  Take a look in your accounting software and check to see who is in the top 20% of your receivables.  You may be surprised by some of the clients who you make the most money from.

Think one step beyond your clients.  How did they hear about you?  You may find a trend that the majority of your clients are coming from referral partners.  Some of your top clients may actually be your best referrers, too.

Now that you have identified the source of your prosperity, it is important to express your gratitude in some way.  In a business setting, this may be different than giving to a religious institution.  While a church needs cash to function, you can give back to clients and referral partners more creatively. 

Notes of appreciation and thank you cards are a wonderful way to say thank you, but the principle of tithing involves giving some of your prosperity back to the source. A meaningful, personalized gift will cost more than a thank you card, but it will also make a bigger impact on the recipient.

Like every good principle, there is a blessing that comes from following it.  The blessing that is promised from living the law of tithing is that everything you give comes back to you and more. It seems counter-intuitive that the cost of giving to your clients will result in greater profits for your business. 

Imagine you give a meaningful gift to your top clients.  They feel so touched by your thoughtfulness that they can’t imagine not working with you.  They may stay with you a little longer or invest in a higher level of services with you.  Because they are so delighted, they feel the need to tell others.  Those people come to you already sold on your services because of the raving testimonial from someone they trust.  Now you have new clients.  More income has come to your business as a direct result of giving back to the source of your prosperity.

The best way to find out if this principle will work for you is to test it.  Take an inventory of the source of your prosperity in your business and then give back to them with a grateful heart.  Then sit back and be amazed at how it all comes back to you.

What is your experience of giving back in your business?  Have you tried it?  How has it come back to bless your business?


  1. I love it when I receive snail mail cards from companies I purchased from. They top my list for repeat business.

    Thanks Deb, for this reminder for me to do the same!

    • Gail,
      Those little things really do make a big difference in how consumers feel about our business. Paying attention to reaching out can have a big impact on your business.

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