3 Ways to Connect with your Customers

It should be no surprise that customers who feel connected are more likely to stick with your business. The problem is finding ways to emotionally connect with your customers while working virtually. So much of marketing involves speaking to your clients and prospects. The emotional connection comes when you interact with them.


Ask questions – and listen and act on the answers

Ask questions to connect with your customersOne way to create a connection with your customers is to ask questions, listen and respond. Include questions in your social media marketing and in your blog articles to get them to respond to you. Reply back to them and pay attention to the things they are saying. The interaction will build your relationship. Their responses will tell you what your customers want and give insight into marketing messages and programs you can create.

To get more specific insight into your customers’ needs and wants, send out a survey. Ask for their insights and opinions and then act on them. Surveys can be sent periodically to all your contacts, or as part of an onboarding or outgoing process. Make sure you read the responses and make changes that align with the suggestions.

You should also be asking questions as a normal part of your interaction with clients. Find out their preferences. Ask for suggestions. Involve them as much as they want to be involved in the decision-making process of their project.


Be real

Don’t try to pretend you are something you are not. That turns people off and puts a wall between you and your customers. Clients connect with people who are real – faults and all. They want to cheer for the underdog and support the “Average Joe.” They want to know who you are and what you stand for. Add some personality to your bio. Share why you do what you do on your about page. Include relevant personal stories in your blog. When prospects and clients know more about you, they feel more connected to you.


Surprise your customersGive good surprises

Surprising people with special discounts and privileges or unexpected things in the mail is a great way to increase your connection with them. Do something nice for a subset of your contacts that not everyone will receive. It could be a Facebook only discount, a client appreciation party, or first dibs on a new offer for newsletter subscribers. Send a card or small gift in the mail to thank your top clients. All of these things will increase the positive emotions they associate with you and strengthen your relationship.


Staying connected with customers increases their emotional bond to you. It grows your business, but also makes it more fulfilling for you. Disconnection leads to disinterest, unsubscribes, and ended contracts.


What are some ways you connect with your customers? Have you had a good experience with a business that has connected with you?

 Deb Brown is the founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart. She believes the key to client retention and word of mouth referrals is as simple as nurturing business relationships. She helps small service-based businesses do this through meaningful gifts and small-scale mailings. To find out HOW to WOW your clients, go to http://WowClientsNow.com.


  1. My first client is still with me, and we’ve been together for six years. All our phone calls, and many of our emails, start out with discussing our cats. We’ve seen each other through losing our cats, welcoming new cats into the home, what their daily lives are like, how they “help” us in our businesses…etc… Of course, my providing her great service – quality and timeliness – is the most important thing in our professional relationship. But it’s always fun to talk about the cats!

    • Sheryl – That is a great example of being yourself and getting to know your clients. You’ve developed a relationship with her that goes beyond “just business.” Because of that, she is going to stick with you. She won’t go shopping for a lower-priced service provider as long as you continue to provide great service AND great conversation about cats. 🙂

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