2018 Client Loyalty Summit

Have you ever wondered why some businesses grow and have a reputation, even though it seems like they do very little marketing and advertising? My guess is they have built loyalty.


When you have loyalty in your business,John Ruhlin

  • you keep your clients longer
  • they become an unpaid sales force for you – sending referrals and singing your praises
  • you save money and time on marketing and sales, because you don’t have to constantly fill your pipeline


All of this equals making more money in your business.


Sandy MartiniHow would you like to learn from national and international experts about the factors that contribute to loyalty? You can take their tips and implement them in your small business without spending an arm and a leg to hire them privately.


The 2018 Client Loyalty Summit, a virtual event hosted by Deb Brown and Touch Your Client’s Heart, starts August 27th, and is the perfect opportunity to learn from top experts so you can build a loyal following.


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The summit includes content-rich training sessions and panel discussions on the topics of client intimacy, client appreciation, engagement, personal touch, and trust.


Here are just a few sessions you’ll enjoy…Stephen M. R. Covey

“How to Build Trust,” with Stephen M. R. Covey

“How Client Appreciation Influences Loyalty,” with Dr. Paul White

“Client Gifting that Doesn’t Suck,” with John Ruhlin

Using a Branded Business Game for Engagement and Loyalty” with Jean Berry

“Products and Programs Designed for Engagement,” with Susan Epstein

“Delivering Concierge Level Service,” with Katharine GiovanniKatherine Giovanni

“Keeping Your Promises,” with Jason Hewlett

“Stay Engaged After the Sale with a Great Onboarding Process,” with Sandy Martini

…and more!


Deb Brown is a leading expert in loyalty for small business owners

today, don’t miss this unique training event!


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