10 Ways to Celebrate National Humor Month in your Business

April is National Humor Month. Here are 10 ways you can use the occasion in your business to follow up and connect with your contacts.

  1. Email a joke, have them respond to receive the punch line.humor month
  2. Send a funny card with a joke or humorous cartoon.
  3. Share a video of your favorite comedian.
  4. Tell a joke on every phone call you make or receive.
  5. Host a client appreciation party at a comedy club.
  6. Mail joke books to prospects, clients or centers of influence.
  7. Make a recording of yourself laughing and use it on your voicemail message.
  8. Have a contest for people to create a humorous caption for a picture.
  9. Send Laffy Taffy to someone – there’s a joke on every wrapper.
  10. Host a Laughter Yoga event and invite your business contacts.

For more ideas for National Humor Month, go here. Will you use any of these? Do you have your own ideas? Share below how you use humor in your business.

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