10 Ways Appreciation Marketing Will Help You Get More Business

It is human nature to want to be recognized and appreciated. When you recognize and appreciate people in business, it makes you stand out. So often, when a consumer spends their money, it is simply a transaction. Taking the time to let them know you appreciate them and their choice to spend their money with you will build a relationship and encourage repeat business.

A simple thank you note to a prospect that accompanies a proposal will set your business apart from others. Colleagues, referral partners, and promotional partners are more willing to help when they feel appreciated by you.

  1. Customers who feel appreciated will spend more money with your business.
  2. When customers feel appreciated, they tell others about it – giving you more referrals.
  3. Customers who know they are valued are more loyal to your business.
  4. Customers who are appreciated become repeat customers.
  5. Past clients are more likely to come back when they know they are appreciated.
  6. Prospects who feel appreciated put you on their list of people they want to work with – even if the timing isn’t right yet.
  7. Prospects that are making a buying decision between multiple vendors are more likely to choose the business that shows appreciation to them for their time.
  8. Customer appreciation gifts, when done right, are shared on social media – giving you exposure to new clients.
  9. When colleagues feel appreciated, they are more likely to give referrals.
  10. Thanking promotional partners makes them more willing to promote again.

Appreciation seems too simple, doesn’t it? We are told we need elaborate marketing strategies and SEO in order to grow our business. All we need is to show appreciation. It breeds respect. When your business has a reputation as a respected business, your name will spread. Your influence will grow. You will have the opportunity to serve more people and make more money.

RipplesIt is like the pebble you throw in the water. The ripples that go out from it are impossible to count. The impact it makes is undeniable. Practicing appreciation in your business is a marketing strategy that will have a huge influence on your business. Often the little things we do have the biggest significance in our results.

If you know appreciation needs to be a more regular part of your business, but you never seem to get to it, contact us. We can help with both strategy and implementation of an appreciation marketing plan for your business.


  1. Thanks Deb for the ideas on how to practice appreciate in our businesses! What a cool concept you have to help others do this! Kudos!

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