How to Build a Loyal Following

The 3-Step Process to Becoming a WOW Business

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Best Practices from 6+ Years of WOWing Clients

"Most solo professionals are so busy doing what they do, that they just hope if they do their best, their clients will be satisfied. 

Satisfied customers aren't enough. You need to intentionally build loyalty so your clients will rave about you to their friends and refuse to do business with anyone else. 

I have identified three touchpoints you should be paying attention to in your business. They provide the geatest opportunity to WOW your clients and turn them into lifelong loyal clients."

Deb Brown - Relationship Marketing Specialist and founder of Touch Your Client's Heart

Deb Brown

In This PDF report, You Will Learn:

  • The Three Touchpoints in Every Business Relationship. In order to be proactive in building loyalty, you need to pay attention to these three points in your relationship. 

  • The 4 Types of People You Must WOW. If all you do is take care of clients, that's great! However, you are missing opportunities in other areas.  

  • Why You Should Not Just Deliver Results, but Should Also WOW. Delivering results is not enough in today's marketplace. WOWing your contacts sets you apart and drives tangible results.

Touch Your Client's Heart