Relationships & Revenues

Money is made or lost in your business because of the relationships you have with the people in your business.  The best way to ensure clients stay with you longer and up-sell to higher priced programs and services is to pay attention to the quality and nurturing of your business relationships. Our Relationships & Revenues package is a thorough review of all the relationships in your business and how you can maximize, optimize, and monetize them in a way that works for you and your clients. This is a year-long program. You not only learn WHAT to do specifically for your business, but you have time and help to implement it all along the way.


Relationship Raise

  • Prospect Plan gives you faster, easier sales conversion
  • Paying Client Plan increases retention and upsells
  • Past Client Plan reactivates former clients
  • Partner Plan identifies your key referral partners and develops a referral system specific to your business.

Give yourself a raise by nurturing your relationships. Choose any 1 area of focus. We’ll spend 45 minutes on the phone diving deep into your business and industry. I will thoroughly review what’s working and what isn’t and develop a plan for you to nurture relationships and put more money in your pocket. Your plan will be customized to your brand, your industry, and your ideal clients in a way that will make you stand out and shine. You will then have a follow-up call to go over your plan, ask questions, and clarify the details. Once your plan is finalized, you will have 2 follow-up calls to help you implement it.




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Referral Road Map

Staying top of mind is key to getting more referrals. The problem is how do you consistently stay top of mind with your referral partners? The Referral Road Map sends you monthly content for an entire year for you to use in mailings to your referral partners. It also includes the “Top Ten Referral Thank You Gifts” report to give you thank you gift ideas at different price points.




Client Retention Jumpstart:
5 Checklists to Create WOW Client Relationships

Jumpstart Cover

These 5 checklists and audios cover 5 basic ways you can strengthen and nurture client relationships to increase retention, referrals, and revenue.




This do-it-yourself system walks you through the exact 9 steps we use to create a branded customer appreciation plan for our private clients.





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  • Fast, Fun and Fruitful Follow Up
  • Avoid the Breakup: How to go from Lead to Lifelong Client
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