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Warning: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Make More Money RIGHT NOW With Your Current Contacts

You are doing good work, but you know you are leaving money on the table. You know there are missed opportunities, but you’re not sure what they are or how to take advantage of them.


relationship marketingThe truth is you are making connections all the time. Each connection has the potential to increase your income. In order to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table, you need to have a systematic way of following up and keeping in touch with those connections.


The Relationships Into Revenues 5-week training will help you create a process to nurture your business relationships and stop leaving money on the table.


You can randomly continue to follow up, collect business cards like trading cards, and hope you connect with the right person at the right time. You can figure out what works by trial and error and eventually piece together a workable system.


I have gone through that process. I have read books and tried new ways of doing things. I know how to build relationships in business. I know what people want to hear and how often to keep in touch. I’ve created a process that is doable even for the solo-entrepreneur and independent professional.


If you do the work, you can see an increase in sales and referrals in just a few months.


follow upImagine how much easier it will be when every time you get a lead, you have a process for following up with them. You have your own personal recipe for keeping in touch with referral partners and past clients. There is a step-by-step process for onboarding and taking care of existing clients. Now you won’t have to wonder what to do. All you will have to do is DO IT! And when you follow the process you created consistently, you will grow your business without having to search for new prospects. And you will feel reassured that everyone is taken care of. No one will fall through the cracks.


I have been a small business owner for 10+ years. I started out with no systems, just making things up as I went. I have been a student of relationship marketing. I have read about it, studied it, and experimented with it. I know what works. And I know how to put myself in your clients’ shoes to understand what they want from you.


relationship marketingOnce you implement your Relationship Marketing Plan, you will:

  • Never lose track of a prospect
  • Increase your sales conversions
  • Take care of clients
  • Make more money from long-term clients
  • Stay top of mind with past clients
  • Reactivate more former clients
  • Receive consistent referrals

You will have an entire Relationship Marketing Plan customized to your business, including:

  • Follow up Plan
  • Onboarding Plan
  • Client Care Plan
  • End of Service Process
  • Reactivation Plan
  • Referral Plan


Bain & Company found that a 5% increase in client retention will increase profits by 25% – 95%. This is not only because they continue to buy from you, clients also tend to invest more the longer they stay with you.

80% of sales are made after the 5th contact. If you don’t have a follow up plan, you’re losing potential sales.

Those facts are true. Having a Relationship Marketing Plan will increase retention, sales conversions and MORE!



The Relationships Into Revenues 5 week program includes:

  • Module 1: Follow up Formula.
  • Module 2: Client Care Strategy.
  • Module 3: Past Client Reactivation Process.
  • Module 4: Referral Plan.
  • In each module, I will lead you through my WOW process – Welcome, Ongoing Outreach, What’s Next
  • 5 phone calls – one for each module, plus a wrap up, Q&A call at the end


PLUS – these bonus templates

  • Follow up template
  • Onboarding questionnaire
  • Exit survey
  • WOW Workbook


To create a thorough Relationship Marketing Plan like this, I normally charge $10,000. I would work with you privately and help you not only create it, but also implement each piece of the plan.


Because this is a group program where I will be training you and you will create your own plan, the investment is a fraction of the cost. This 5-week program is only $497.


As an extra incentive, for fast decision makers I’m offering $100 off for the first 5 people to sign up or until Tuesday, April 24th at midnight ET.

I promise to give you 100%. You’ll have my years of knowledge, my trial and error, everything I know. And I promise that having a system is going to make everything easier. You won’t be flying by the seat of your pants anymore because you will know what to do and when to do it. When you follow your plan consistently, you will make more money.

If you do the work and you implement your system for a year and still find that you haven’t increased your income, I will give you your money back. That’s how sure I am that this will work.

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If you don’t create a system to take care of your contacts and nurture relationships, you will continue to wake up every day not knowing what to do or who to follow up with. You will continue to leave money on the table and let things fall through the cracks.

You can say no if this isn’t the right timing or if you think you can figure it out on your own, but what will you do to change?


To Recap – The Relationships Into Revenues 5-week program includes:

  • Module 1: Follow up Formula.
  • Module 2: Client Care Strategy.
  • Module 3: Past Client Reactivation Process.
  • Module 4: Referral Plan.
  • In each module, I will lead you through my WOW process – Welcome, Ongoing Outreach, What’s Next
  • PLUS: Final training call to wrap everything up and answer questions
  • PLUS: Follow up template
  • PLUS: Onboarding questionnaire
  • PLUS: Exit survey
  • PLUS: WOW Workbook


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The longer you wait, the more money you lose.

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