Memorable Mail: Send a Flower Pot

send a flower potLast year I sent a bucket in the mail. This year, I wanted to do something similar but more interesting. I wanted to send a flower pot and seeds. First, I purchased an inexpensive plastic pot and a packet of seeds. Next, I wrote a note to a client thanking her for her business and saying, “I can’t wait to watch your business BLOOM.” Then I put the note and seeds in the envelope, put the address on the envelope and taped it to the outside of the pot. I sent it off without any further packaging.

The postage was $2.85 and was sent within the greater metro area. They said it would arrive in 2 days, but it got there in only one day. I received a text before noon from the client saying, “Thank you for the pot and seeds! So creative!!!!” I’m sure it was the most unique piece of mail she received that day. She said it arrived in good condition, which was my biggest concern. You just never know what it might go through once it leaves your hands!

Besides sending flower seeds, you can also choose vegetable or herb seeds. A health coach might choose a vegetable or herb seed packet as a way to encourage healthy, home-grown food. If you are a landscaper, flowers or outdoor plant seeds are more appropriate. If you aren’t choosing seeds based on your occupation, consider centering your message around them.

Here are some clever ways to send a flower pot in the mail:

  • Thanks for your business. You help make it bloom.
  • Thanks for the referral. I appreciate you helping my business grow.
  • Congratulations – it looks like your business is growing!
  • “Lettuce” know what’s going on! We miss you!
  • Thanks for being such a “sweet pea.” I appreciate you.
  • Don’t let the competition “beet” Hire us to help.

Have you ever received something unusual in the mail? Would you like to send a flower pot? Share your ideas in the comments.



  1. Cool idea!! I received a hammer in the mail once! Don’t remember the tagline….I think something like, let us help you “nail” down your next event!

    • DebBrown says:

      I love that! I wonder how much it would cost to mail a hammer. . . They can be heavy. I might have to look into that for a future blog post!

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