Memorable Mail: Mailing Flip Flops

I had heard about mailing flip flops and wanted to try it myself. I sent these as a welcome gift to a new client.

Can you send flip flops in the mail? I saw this idea online and watched for the right opportunity to try it. Oh how I have been looking forward to sending this mailing! I bought an inexpensive pair of flip flops and sent them in the mail with no packaging. After I taped the address label on one flip flop, I wrote a message on the other flip flop, and then tied and taped them together.

mailing flip flopsHow I accomplished mailing flip flops:

I found some examples of mailing just a single flip flop, which is probably easier. I wanted to send a pair so the recipient could actually use them if they wished. Although I didn’t know the recipient’s shoe size I chose what I thought was an average size (and flip flops are sized in a range of 2 sizes, so my odds increased). I could have asked, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise.

My next problem was how to get the message on the flip flops. I chose to write the message directly on one flip flop and tape a label on the other flip flop. The problem I ran into was the tape didn’t want to stick to the flip flops. I found the best way to get the tape to stick was to wrap it all the way around the flip flop so the tape was sticking to itself.

mailing flip flopsMailing flip flops without any further packaging requires that they stay together through whatever the postal service does to them once they leave your hands. At first I thought I would put the soles of the shoes together and put wide package tape all around the sides to hold them together. It sounded good in theory, but again the tape wasn’t sticking. I took some twine and tied it around the straps and all the way around the flip flops. That seemed pretty secure, but then I taped all the way around the flip flops and that worked even better.

When I brought them to the post office, they mailed under the category of First-Class Parcel Service for $3.03. I was mailing flip flops in the local metro area, so delivery only took 2 days. Not bad for an opportunity to grab someone’s attention.

Here are some messages you could include:

  • I’m going to flip if you don’t get back to me.
  • I’m flipping with excitement to work with you.
  • I hope this message isn’t a flop. I want to connect with you.
  • Just trying to get my foot in the door. Call me.
  • You are going to flip when you see the results you’ll get from working with me.

The final test in mailing flip flops is what condition they arrived in. With the three dimensional straps, it could get caught on something in the process of traveling to its final destination. The recipient reported that they arrived in perfect condition.

Oh – and by the way – June 16 is Flip Flop Day. It might be the perfect reason for mailing flip flops to your contacts.

Have you ever tried mailing flip flops? Have you mailed something else unusual? Share in the comments below.


  1. I flipped when I got my flip flops!! brilliant idea Deb!

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